Tomato tartare with capers and shallots48 zł
Herring with marinated red onion, sour cream and baked potato42 zł
Beef tartare with onion, gherkin and mushrooms59 zł
Beef carpaccio on truffle mousse with capers69 zł
Salad with goat cheese, avocado and fruits58 zł
Antonius caviar 5*(30g/50g) with buckwheat blinis and sour cream380/580 zł


Homemade broth with quail egg noodles27 zł
White vegetables cream soup with truffle oil32 zł
Young beet leaves soup with sour cream and fresh dill34 zł

Main courses

Pierogi dumplings stuffed with smoked cottage cheese and roasted potatoes, brown butter49 zł
Pierogi dumplings with veal and bacon crust59
Salmon Nori with homemade teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayonnaise87 zł
Tagliatelle on lobster bisque with seafood79 zł
Duck leg confit with potato dumplings, caramelized spring beets and rhubarb sauce82 zł
Lamb chump with baby carrots, truffle puree and thyme sauce110 zł
Rabbit on vegetables sauce with potato dumplings and sauteed cabbage78 zł
De Volaille with mashed potatoes and sauted carrots with peas68 zł
Tasting menu (5 courses)249 zł


Plum tart with chocolate ice cream with plum on bourbon32 zł
Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream32 zł
Crème brûlée32 zł
„Akademia” signature cheesecake34 zł
Chocolate fondant with white chocolate on cherry mousse38
French cheese selection with homemade jam59

of flavors

Green asparagus with hollandaise sauce and egg poche /
*supplement: smoked salmon 18,-
49 zł
Burrata with asparagus, raspberries tomatoes and wild garlic pesto59 zł
„Pyry z gzikiem“ boiled potatoes with cottage cheese and asparagus49 zł
Asparagus cream soup with almonds32
Risotto with green asparagus and aged polish cheese69
Sea bream with asparagus, potatoes and broad beans ratatouille84 zł
Beef loin with asparagus, fondant potatoes and bearnaise sauce158 zł
Cherry jelly mousse with halvah ice cream34 zł

Tables of 5 persons or over shall be charged 12,5 % service fee.