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They say that Akademia is the best restaurant in Warsaw. We serve traditional Polish cuisine, decorating the classic with modernity. We create a vogue for family weekends with regional cuisine and combine rissole with a glass of great red wine. We boast about the taste of the best quality products and daily chef’s specialties. Akademia is a perfect place for meetings in the family circle as well as romantic dinners in an intimate atmosphere.

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Cooking has always been my passion, which is why for many years I have been wondering what to do to make people say that Akademia is the best restaurant in Warsaw. Our goal was to create a unique place with character, which will be completely different than all surrounding pubs or fast foods. We decided to focus on quality and make every effort to ensure that the highest quality distinguished our restaurant on the capital’s gastronomic market.

The best restaurant in Warsaw – sounds proud. We know, however, that we are still on a long road to success. The road is often bumpy, but it brings satisfaction, both among guests and our wonderful crew. Each day is a new challenge for us and a lesson from which we always draw conclusions.

Academy over the years is a grinding culinary craft every day, it is taking care of the smallest detail. It is also the daily supervision and care that the delivered products are always fresh and correspond to the tastes of our guests. It is our guests who are the most important to us, Akademia is for you and thanks to you. Every opinion is extremely important to us and we take them to heart by working to become better every day.

We’re trying to create a perfect place for family gatherings. Akademia is a piece of our world, where we feed your hearts with love for the kitchen. The greatest reward for our team and chef are the words of our distinguished guests that Akademia is their favorite restaurant in Warsaw and a place they have loved forever.



The menu includes Polish and modern European dishes. In addition to the traditional beef tartare and goat cheese tart, you can order herring in cream or medium-rare chicken liver. Below the old Polish duck breast, you will pay attention to chicken Kiev, and just next to steaks of the highest quality, extremely attractive will become hand-made, the best dumplings in the city. On request, we will also prepare vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. The best restaurant in Warsaw presents its menu.

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