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Akademia Restaurant is not only a place, it is primarily the people who create it. The fact that the Academy is such a fantastic place is above all the merit of our fantastic employees who each day put their heart and hard work, to make every guest come out of Akademia happy and full, and also willingly come back to us. Without such a fantastic team, there would be no Akademia!

Our team - Restaurant Akademia

Andrzej Sternicki


He spent half his life in the catering industry. He treats the academy as his third child. He has an eye on everything and everyone. Privately, a daddy of two lovely girls that wrap him around the finger 😉

Krzysztof Kowalski


He trained in France and gained experience in the best restaurants in our country. He enriches traditional Polish cuisine with European taste and is not afraid of challenges – he experiments, surprisingly combines and discovers the unknown …

Our team - Restaurant Akademia



Marcin is a master of sweet pastries. From his hands comes the iconic Akademia cheesecake or chocolate fondant. When he does not bake delicious cakes, he does sports – he is an enthusiast of martial arts and weightlifting.



Michał is responsible at Akademia for preparing meat dishes and sauces. Although cooking is his true passion, he takes part in the already famous Wreck Race races in his free time, noting considerable successes in this field.

Nasz zespół - restauracja Akademia



At Akademia he is responsible for the taste of meat, fish and sauces. Traditional Polish dishes are combined with modern cooking techniques. Privately he is an enthusiast of sport, fun and motorization..



Favorite of our regular guests. She not only will advise you on the menu and serve delicious coffee, but also can discuss literature.



Kamil is a restaurant joker, he can defuse every tense situation. Privately, an enthusiast of sport, especially jogging.



Cheerful and friendly to people. He likes to joke, travel and listen to good music. Computer Science student with a culinary verve.



Always helpful and involved. In his work, he likes a contact with people the most. Football fan, especially of Legia Warsaw club.



He has been passionate about gastronomy since he was a child, he has been working as a waiter at Akademia for four years. His second hobby is wine and cooking at home for his relatives.



The right hand of the Chef at Akademia. He is not afraid of any task. He prepares fish, meat, creates and decorates dishes. Privately, an enthusiast of snowboard and good music.


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